Toby Regbo: Virtual Chat (in English). Organized by Sasnak City (Sasnak Society Private Group), the Virtual Chat with Toby Regbo last October 4th is the topic of this week.

I state that, not being able to provide video recordings (the Chat was not public), my report-comment will take on a more diaristic tone than usual.

I participated personally and… even partially describing its contents and how I lived the experience is certainly in line with the goal of this Blog: to broaden Regbo’s knowledge.

The calendar

Sunday 23 August: it is the first scheduled date, but the tickets sell out immediately and I can only book myself.

Toby Regbo: Virtual Chat. Toby Regbo - Virtual Chat (Sasnak City)
Toby Regbo – Virtual Chat (Sasnak City)

Saturday 12 September: it is the second date available and, this time, I am able to buy the ticket.

Friday 11 September: due to his work commitments, Regbo must postpone the Chat to a later date.

Sunday 4th October: Chat finally takes place.

Sunday 4th October

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, no real conventions take place in this period and virtual is the only chance to meet your favorite artists.

Toby Regbo: Virtual Chat. Walk… today only blue… the sky, and more !!!
Walk… today only blue… the sky, and more !!!

In the morning, during my daily walk, I post this photograph on social media. The day is beautiful and those who follow me understand what I mean.

In the following hours, nothing in particular.

Only two things.

I have already received the access data to the platform, but, since it is not the one used previously, I carry out the preliminary test on the browsers I intend to use (I would not like to have technical problems).

In addition, I prepare the message to be sent in Chat: I don’t speak English, so I write what I want to say to the actor in English.

22.30 – 23.00

The Chat begins a few minutes late, but on the other hand ends well after the time. It includes 6 participants: the head of the Organization, 4 fans and, of course, Toby Regbo.

Now, my report, which is certainly partial: it is based only on my notes-memories (transcribed the same evening), in addition to not speaking English I have some difficulties even in terms of comprehension, it is absolutely forbidden to report information relating to work commitments of the actor.

My message

I post the following in the Chat and wait.

“I don’t speak English, so I’m writing to you.


I met you in Milan in 2019.

Since then, I have systematically updated my social networks and my personal blog (on “Toby Regbo: English actor.”). I hope to spread your knowledge, above all, in Italy.

Now the questions:

1 – Is there one thing about you that we fans do not ask you for and, instead, would you gladly tell us about it?

2 – Could your recent hobby of drawing also have a professional outlet?

3 – Better a movie or a TV series?

4 – Any clues about your work commitments?”

It is not the first time that I have written to him. I’ve done it twice already: last year, when I met him in Milan and, last August, during DIAH3.

This time, however, the message is a little different. First, I informed him of the work I am doing on him and then I added 4 questions.

His answers

Like other times, Toby diligently reads my message, then he answers the questions.

Toby Regbo: Virtual Chat. Toby Regbo - Francis in "Reign"
 Toby Regbo – Francis in “Reign”

To the first, he responds in an articulate and curious way. He speaks of Caravaggio: a style, according to him, adequate to the reproduction of Francis. Of the latter, through his mobile phone he shows the image in the box (after having specified “I didn’t get distracted, I’m looking for myself on Google”).

As for the second question, he honestly admits that he would like to be able to come up with results in this sense.

Better a movie or a TV series? Perhaps the series, because it develops a character longer and can make use of interaction with the audience.

The answer to the last question, as I imagined, is a non-answer. He says nothing, but… the expression on his face and his gestures (hands to mouth) are clear!

What is he doing?

The live broadcast is not from home. I don’t recognize the environment.

Fortunately, Regbo himself says how he is, where he is and why.

Unfortunately, this is just what I can’t write anything about.

Anyway, trust me: everything is as I wanted and imagined it to be!

And, like Toby, I am therefore glad that this is happening, moreover in a climate of security (in the UK, the pandemic situation is quite serious).

Other topics

Obviously, even at the request of other fans, Regbo talks about several other topics:

Toby Regbo: Virtual Chat. Toby Regbo - Tommaso Peruzzi in "I Medici 3"
 Toby Regbo – Tommaso Peruzzi in “I Medici 3”
  • visit to Rome, during the filming of “I Medici 3” (a serious thing and a “funny” episode);
  • trip to Sicily in August (problems, but also cultural heritage, identity and energy);
  • “Heart Of Nowhere” 2013 Film by Noah and the Whale (role also as singer);
  • work on the set of a TV series (difficulties, a lot of effort, good relationship with colleagues);
Caetano Veloso – It’s a Long Way

  • music (what he likes, what he listens to and why).

Alternative text…

Normally, alternative text means the description of an image, made available to those who cannot see. In this case, I visually describe the Chat with Regbo, for those who have not participated.

The scene

You don’t see much: in the background, a part of an ocher-colored sofa-armchair, the top shelf of a black shelf, a gray lamp with a transparent support, a round mirror; in the foreground, only our actor.


He is almost beardless; the hair is long (natural color and curls); the face, as always, is beautiful.

Toby Regbo: Virtual Chat. Toby Regbo - DIAH3 (August 2020 - Sicily)
Toby Regbo – DIAH3 (August 2020 – Sicily)

He wears the same t-shirt as DIAH3 and, if I’m not mistaken, blue shorts.

Always smiling and available, he answers various questions by arguing what he is saying; above all, even speaking of himself he honestly expresses his thoughts.

He seems to be in a somewhat uncomfortable position and, as is his habit, “he never stands still”. I know I repeat myself… but expressiveness and gestures are a constant, so in the end you have the feeling of participating in a normal chat between friends.

As I anticipated, I didn’t speak and… I can’t explain… but this was my feeling.

A special thanks also to the Moderator: only interventions that, in fact, gave impetus to the Chat (assuming it was needed).


In the aforementioned post of last July 16th, I referred to a post (now removed) by k_nhungvo, announcing Regbo’s participation in her Podcast.

Very recently, however, k_nhungvo informed me that, due to his work commitments, Regbo cannot record the planned Podcast.

Of course, I asked her to keep me updated.

The interesting thing, however, at the moment is one: despite the difficulties related to the pandemic, Toby is very busy indeed. A good news!

Dream It has just announced that the (real) LMSR2 Convention, scheduled in Paris for last April 4 and postponed to November 14, due to the pandemic in progress, is again postponed: the new date will be announced in January of next year.

More complete information at the following Twitter link La convention est reportée ! // The convention is postponed !

I have a PASS and therefore I’m sorry, but I agree: any form of gathering should be avoided and, above all, meeting actors with “masks” would not make sense!

I love the music

Toby says, just before the goodbyes.

A positive thing… and this, in my opinion, sums up the moment he is living.

Toby Regbo - Aethelred in "The Last Kingdom"
 Toby Regbo – Aethelred in “The Last Kingdom”

Regbo, as an actor, makes his fans dream, as a man he challenges himself in situations of “climbing or solitude in the Pyrenees”. Now, like all of us, he tries to make the difficult situation of the moment coexist with his own life.

Good everything Toby and, above all, for you and for us GOOD WORK!

Hi, Carla!

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